| Thomas H Johnsson

2016. From the photo essay Freetown Christiania.

2015. From the book One Last Blues from Landskrona.

2014. Advertising/Information picture.

2013. From the book Sundays.

2012. From the exhibition If Dogs Run Free.

2011. From the exhibition Utopia.

2010. Advertising picture.

Box 122
261 22 Landskrona


Thomas H Johnsson is a photographer and artist who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. An active lecturer and workshop leader in photography. Founded the photography program at Fridhem Folk College. Artistic Director of Landskrona Foto Festival from the start until 2015. Writes on culture in the Swedish press.

Johnsson has received several awards and prizes, including the Landskrona Culture Prize, the Helsingborgs Dagblad Culture Prize, FfiM’s photography prize, the NUDOK diploma from the Nordic Museum, and he has been nominated for the Scanpix Grand Photo Prize. He has also been awarded several scholarships, such as working scholarships from both the Swedish Authors’ Fund and the State Artist Committee, production support from the memorial fund of Aftonbladet’s founder Lars Hierta, film support from Film in Skåne and Film in Jämtland. He has published several books and produced a large number of exhibitions, for example, at Kulturen in Lund, Landskrona Art Gallery, Galleri LaLoge in Paris, Malmö Museums, Nordic House in Reykjavik and the City Museum in Bitola, to name just a selection.

Johnsson has also produced films which have been shown, for example, at the Gothenburg International Film Festival and on Swedish Television. And in spring 2015 he moved to Höör in Skåne, the base from which he now works. For Johnsson it is also important to have a local foundation, so he serves as representative for photography on the creative council of Kultur Skåne. He is also represented in the book Skånska Fotografer 1845–2005 (published in collaboration between Malmö Museums and the National Council for Cultural Affairs). Today Johnsson is working on several different projects and is always interested in receiving suggestions for collaborations and assignments.